Writing Classes

For students in grades 6-11

The Reading Center offers Writing Classes for student's grade 6-11 in the Fall, Spring and Summer during our Best of Basics program (July/August).  Next courses will be held in July 2019 and October-December 2019.

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** Upon registering for this class, please complete our parent and student packet and return to The Reading Center two weeks prior to the start of class.

Writing I: Applied Grammar (grades 6-10) - offered Fall/Spring/Summer

Does your child need writing skills beyond emojis and LOL? Grammar is the first step to writing for school.

Course Description: The secret to brilliant writing is applying grammar! Come learn how to fashion phrases, structure sentences, and produce paragraphs, using eight treasured tools. In this course, students will learn to polish their writing by applying grammar, learning sentence structures and combining them. Finally, they will assemble a well-written paragraph.

Writing II: Academic Writing (grades 7-11) - offered Fall/Spring

Does your child have great ideas but difficulty with school writing assignments? If your student has taken a writing class with us before, they are ready to take this next course!

Course Description: In this course the student will learn strategies for academic summarization.  The highest level of comprehension is to summarize what one has read. Using a variety of graphic organizers, the student will learn to identify organizational patterns of text and use the organizers to write a summary in their own words. Then, using the writing process, they will refine their pieces, applying grammar to their composition with specific nouns, vivid verbs and helpful descriptors.

Prerequisite: Applied Grammar or previous Reading Center Writing Class is a prerequisite to this course. You may take a pretest to see if you can test into this course.