From Alumni 

Brooks Edwards, MD

Brooks Edwards, MD

Paula Rome told me, ‘You can do it.  You’re not stupid, you are actually very smart, you just learn differently,’” Without that recognition, my life would have followed a very different track.
— Brooks Edwards, M.D., Cardiologist and former Director, Mayo Transplant Center.
The first time I remember getting praise and smiles for my schoolwork was from Jean Osman, from The Reading Center.  Jean taught me coping skills to help me succeed that I still use today.                                           
— Greg Nesler, owner, Rochester Plumbing and Heating
Joe Powers

Joe Powers

I got help for my dyslexia and I found that I could be successful.  “I graduated from high school in Rochester and opened my first restaurant at the age of 21.  As I tell my kids, growing up dyslexic is not like having cancer.  It is something that you can cope with if you are given the tools.  It was The Reading Center that gave me the tools to navigate the written word, and ultimately, to make it as a literate, confident adult.
— Joe Powers, owner, Canadian Honker
Now, kids come to me for help!  It feels really good when my classmates say, ‘I never knew you were this smart.
— Nick K., 10th grader
Charles Crutchfield, MD

Charles Crutchfield, MD

It has had a tremendous impact in my life.  I probably wouldn’t be where I’m at right now if it wasn’t for the Reading Center.
— Charles Crutchfield III, M.D.,Crutchfield Dermatology
The Reading Center’s tutors and teachers are life changers and life-savers in a young person’s life. I can’t say enough about these caring professionals. They sure made a difference in my life. Thank You Mrs. Rome, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Waldo!!
— Andrew Wood, MS, physical therapist

From Parents

My daughter has been with The Reading Center for almost 3 years.  We just received her latest Stanford Test Results and I almost burst into tears.  The progress she has made is nothing short of phenomenal.  My family is so fortunate that someone told us about their programs.
My son would have lived his life unaware of how gifted and bright he is [without The Reading Center’s tutoring].
He now picks up books to read for the fun of it. . . . When I catch him up past his bedtime reading, how can a parent get upset?
During a re-test at Mayo, my daughter’s doctor told me, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.  She’s made astonishing gains.”
[My children] have both made huge gains in reading.  Neither are considered at-risk readers now, but they were to start with.
My 9 year old scored in the 99th percentile in reading in her school standardized tests. My 11 year old was invited to be in the Honors classes for middle school. Before they started with The Reading Center, both were considered at-risk of reading failure.  They both read for enjoyment now. Amazing!
The Reading Center has really increased his confidence in reading and writing. He has become a new person.
The Reading Center has made all the difference with his success at school and improved self-esteem.
When my daughter was tested at age 6, I was told she would probably never be a fluent reader.  When Mayo tested her at 14, her comprehension was at 12th grade or college level.  She loves to read.  What a gift we have given her.