Screening Tool for Dyslexia

This SCREEN is not a diagnosis; however, if the answer to several of these questions is ‘yes,’ consider a complete Educational Evaluation.  If you have any questions, please contact us at or 507-288-5271.

1. Does your child have confusions of similar letter forms, such as b/d; f/j/t; m/w?

2. Does your child write numbers incorrectly or have trouble sequencing numbers such as phone numbers, (947 for 749)?

3. Does your child confuse similar language sounds (f/v/th; p/b; short vowel sounds) or words that sound similar (salary/celery; mailing/nailing; sit/set; skip/skit)?

4. Does your child mispronounce words (Octover; passghetti; alunimun)?

5. Does your child have difficulty thinking or talking when there is background noise?

6. Does your child have difficulty remembering a set of three or more directions?

7. Does another family member struggle with reading or spelling?

8. Does your child have a lack of interest in reading or being read to?

9. Does your child show unexpected degree of anxiety when having to work under pressure (time limits; being tired; or being observed)?

10. Does your child have unexpected difficulty with rote memorization (spelling words, history dates, math facts…)?