Reading Readiness Program

For 4-6 year olds

For our younger learners, we offer FREE assessments for 4-6 year olds to find areas of weakness and risk factors for learning challenges in school. 

What are some signs of a learning disability?

We also offer a year-round Reading Club, a parent/child class to work on the foundational skills of reading in a fun environment.

Reading Club focuses on developing: phonemic awareness, recognizing alphabet, connecting sounds/symbols relationship, recognizing and writing their name, understanding concepts of print, remembering more sight words, learning good pencil grip. We will provide explicit instruction on how to write letters.

Reading Club is a fun, activity filled hour where parent/child teams participate together to strengthen the fundamental skills that scientific research has shown are foundations of reading. 

Your child is exposed to the way the English language works which helps to scaffold and to build their understanding of reading.  Parents are coached in methods and techniques that will increase their child's skills with productive practice through games and activities. Reading Club is organized  in six week blocks.  Many families elect to continue in Reading Club for consecutive sessions.



FREE Screening

Early identification is key. We offer simple assessments designed for 4-6 years of age to find areas of strength and weakness. We cannot "diagnose" a learning disability at this age, but we can determine if child is "at risk" using standardized, normalized assessments.

When registering, use code "RRAS" so no deposit is required to register.

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Reading Club - parent/child class

Beginning Classes are generally best for children starting kindergarten or those needing extra support entering 1st grade.

Advanced Reading Club generally fits the needs of those students entering a 1st grade or those that have successfully attended many sessions of Reading Club session.

Late Fall Reading Club Starts in mid-November

Reading Club is offered on Mondays (Beginner Group) and Wednesdays (Advanced Group) throughout the year from 4:30-5:30pm.

Each session will meet for six lessons. If you are in doubt of which group to sign up for, please contact Jan Hagedorn, Director of Reading Readiness at 507-288-5271.

Read our class cancellation/withdrawal policy here.

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