Quotes from Our Tutors

These messages, from our tutors honored with 20 years of service to The Reading Center, were shared at our 2018 Tutor Appreciation program.

It has been an honor to work with and get to know students and families during the last twenty years. I have enjoyed the challenges of tutoring students ages six to seventy-two. I appreciate the relationships formed with other staff and the willingness to assist each other. While retired from active tutoring, I keep involved with rechecks, screenings, and helping with the simulation.
— Beth Wiegand
It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of this amazing organization for — wait a minute — 20 years? What?!! How lucky I feel to have been in the company of such fine people and to have been entrusted with the educational therapy of my students for all those years. Last year I received a graduation photo card from one of my past students showing him in his cap and gown in various places on the University of Minnesota campus; he had graduated with a 4-year degree in political science— wow! How gratifying! I am so happy for him, and I hope my other students have been successful in their various endeavors, too. My association with The Reading Center has enriched my life and has given me the opportunity for continuing personal growth, both as an educator and as a human being, and I look forward to being a part of this wonderful institution for years to come!

— Sarah Willcutt
Wow – 20 years has gone fast! I started at The Reading Center when our son was born so that I could have a more flexible schedule. One student/evaluation at a time has culminated in so many positive and enriching experiences. Each child or individual that I test is so unique and I feel I just keep learning from each one of them. It is very rewarding to be able to help a parent understand what is going on with their child, and then be able to tell them, “Yes - there is something you can do about it.” Our on-line tutoring has been a tremendous boost in this area when we are testing children who do not have access to appropriate intervention in their communities. Although I really enjoy meeting the children and families, I think the best part of my job is the wonderful, dedicated, encouraging colleagues and staff that I get to work with here at The Reading Center!
— Amy Basnyet
Hard to believe it’s been 20 years! I feel very honored to have been working with so many wonderful, dedicated, caring and hard working women. I first heard about The Reading Center from my eldest son’s adoption worker. At 8 years old, Patrick was only able to name some of the letters of the alphabet and knew one or two sounds. After 6 months of tutoring, he could read simple books! I was so impressed that I took the training and began tutoring for The Reading Center. I love what I do! One of my fondest memories is of a student who, after a few months of tutoring, wrote out several spelling words correctly and began shouting, “It’s working, it’s working!” Thank you to The Reading Center for all you do.
— Robin Sullivan