Volunteer & Job Opportunities

The Reading Center has both volunteer and paid employment opportunities.

Do you want to become a Tutor/Academic Language Therapist? Visit our ALT/Tutor page.

We are often asked if we have volunteer opportunities with students. We do not. If you wish to work with our students, we encourage you to take our Basic Institute Training offered throughout the year. The tutors that work with Reading Center students are highly skilled and have successfully taken our training to become proficient in the Orton-Gillingham Approach.

Volunteers for The Reading Center fulfill an important role in helping forward our mission of serving the needs of individuals impacted by dyslexia.  Volunteering for a necessary activity helps us to focus our financial resources on helping as many struggling readers as possible. 

If you wish to volunteer, please contact Kate at kjirik@thereadingcenter.org or 507-288-5271.

Thank you for your commitment and service.

Open Opportunities

Download The Reading Center’s Job Application Here