Orton-Gillingham Training Institutes

Since 1951, licensed teachers, paraprofessionals, home educators, parents, and even grandparents have taken our training courses, which equip trainees to provide breakthrough instruction to struggling readers of all kinds.  The Orton-Gillingham approach, as taught by highly qualified Reading Center instructors, employs comprehensive, proven reading instruction with an intensive practicum to prepare the learner for immediate use with students. During Institute, participants will learn the approach, the structure of the English language, and apply what's been learned by planning and teaching actual lessons. 

Quotes from our tutors sharing why they work with struggling readers!

What Can I do With this Training?

When is Training Offered?

We offer Basic Orton-Gillingham Training Institute with practicum (to work with students in grades 1-5). This course is offered 2x per year completely online, 1x per year in Rochester, and new in January 2019 1x per year partially online / partially in Rochester. Learn more about Basic Institute Here.

Advanced Orton-Gillingham Training Institute can be taken after successful completion of Basic Training + 6 months (to work with students in 6th grade to adult). This course is offered 1x per year in Rochester. Starting in November 2019 we will offer one additional Advanced Course online. Learn more about Advanced Institute here.

2019 Training Schedule

Basic Orton-Gillingham Training

  • January 2 - March 24, 2019 (part online/part Rochester, MN) - registration closed

  • February 25- May 26, 2019 (online course) registration closed

  • July 11-August 1, 2019 (course held in Rochester, MN) REGISTRATION OPEN

  • September 3 - November 24, 2019 (online course) REGISTRATION OPEN

  • February 24 - May 24, 2020 (online course)

Advanced Orton-Gillingham Training

  • June 13-27, 2019 (course held in Rochester, MN) REGISTRATION OPEN

  • December 2019 - February 2020 (inaugural online course)


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