Bright Futures Annual Campaign

Our annual campaign helps to fund all Reading Center programs and scholarships. This spring, with your help, we raised more than $75,000!!  In 2017, almost $59,000 in scholarships were given to 40 students and trainees last year.

WE MET Our goal for 2018 to raise $75,000! thank you!


Your donation to The Reading Center does so much good!  Almost half of the money we raise goes to fund scholarships for tutoring, testing, and training.  Your donation underwrites the life-changing programs like our Best of Basics Summer Program, our Orton-Gillingham Training Institute, FREE screenings for 4-6 year olds, and FREE educational outreach programs in our community.

$250 could help a family have their child tested at The Reading Center in order to put the child on a path to success.

$500 could support a 50% scholarship to help an adult attend our Orton-Gillingham Training Institute to learn methods that help dyslexic kids learn how to read.

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$1,000 could pay for a child in need to receive three months of 1:1 Orton-Gillingham tutoring from a highly trained Reading Center tutor, helping her experience success at school.