In 2014, our staff performed  82 educational evaluations to identify children and adults' learning issues and put them on a path to the assistance that they need.  The Reading Center also conducted 192 skills assessments for children entering classes.

       We use a battery of cognitive tests to measure abilities in phonological awareness, reading, spelling, writing, listening math and vocabulary.  Our evaluations provide a clear and objective blueprint of a student's abilities and needs.  Read more about the Reading Center



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Our Process for Educational Evaluation

Our thorough educational evaluation includes the following:          

Testing:  The testing, which takes 2 to 4 hours, documents skills in the areas of phonological awareness, reading, spelling, writing, listening, math and vocabulary. 

Analysis of test results:  The standardized tests are scored and other previous testing is reviewed.

Conference: The client and/or family confers with the evaluator during an in-depth 90 to 150 minute conference.  This is an opportunity to discuss the test results, recommendations, questions and concerns.   The conference can be on the same day as the testing if the client must travel to The Reading Center.  Please make arrangements for your child during the conference, as our staff cannot supervise during the conference.

Written Report:  Due to the comprehensive nature of the evaluation, there is preparation time between the completion of testing and the finished written report.   



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