An Educational Evaluation 

•Builds self understanding

•Stops the self blaming for learning failure

•Provides information to develop educational strategies

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To serve our families, we offer three levels of testing. Each is designed to meet a specific need.

Full Educational Evaluation  Abbreviated Educational Evaluation
 Reading Readiness  Assessment
 Full Educational Evaluation provides comprehensive testing, review of previous testing information, an extended conference with the evaluator, and a written report for students. This evaluation is appripriate for students from the middle of first grade through adults.  The written report is a valuable tool that can be used for working with schools or employers for accommodations or extra support.  Families also find it valuable for future referencing and documentation. More Abbreviated Educational Evaluation will provide information to determine if the Orton-Gillingham approach is likely to be useful in helping the student.  For those who go on to enroll in tutoring at the Reading Center, the information collected is very useful information for the tutor to be effective and efficient.  The family will have an opportunity to discuss findings with the tester; however, no written report or documentation beyond the test score profile will be provided for the familyMore.  Reading Readiness Assessment is for emergent readers ages 4-years to middle of first grade. Although these age appropriate, brief tests are not diagnostic for dyslexia, these standardized assessments can help determine whether a child is "at risk" of reading problems. More

Information about Reading Center Testing programs

        In 2015, our staff performed 76 educational evaluations to identify children and adults' learning issues and put them on a path to the assistance that they need.  The Reading Center also conducted 192 skills assessments for children entering classes.

       We use a battery of language skills assessments to measure abilities in phonological processing, reading, spelling, writing, listening, vocabulary, and math.  Our evaluations provide a clear and objective blueprint of a student's abilities and needs.  Read more about the Reading Center



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