Abbreviated Educational Evaluation will fulfill your needs when you want your student tutored by the Reading Center or you want to get more information about why your child is having reading difficulty. This could be used as an economical first step to figure out why your child is having problems and to also determine if the Orton-Gillingham approach would likely help them; but, you will not receive a written report to review or to share with others in the future.

 Approximate testing time: 2.5 hours.

 Conference sharing test results: 1.5 hours.

 NO WRITTEN REPORT.** The usefulness of the written report is important  for families now and in the future, so the value of having a written report should not be dismissed without good reason.

Cost of Abbreviated Educational Evaluation:  $400.           Request for Testing- Child      Request for Testing - Adult

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**The value of having a comprehensive, Full Educational Evaluation completed is sometime more apparent after attending the conference. If a request is made within two weeks of the testing and conference, families wanting more information and a written report can ask to expand the testing to develop a written report. Additional time and costs will be added for administering more in depth tests, additional conference time, and for writing the report.                                 

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