Testing & Student Evaluation

For people of all ages, an Educational Assessment at the Reading Center helps determine the nature and degree of a person’s language learning difficulties. It identifies the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of reading and is necessary to pinpoint a student’s individual needs prior to beginning one-on-one tutoring.

Application for Reading Center Services -Child

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On line testing is available when necessary with prior approval from the Director of Testing.  Additional fees will be charged due to the increase time to complete testing and technology needs.

Training for Professionals & Parents

The Reading Center is home to experts in reading instruction, with more than sixty years of experience in training educators and others in methods that work to teach reading to struggling students.

The Reading Center is the only center west of the Mississippi offering Basic and Advanced training in the Orton-Gillingham approach that has been accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.

We train educators from around the world, across Minnesota and in Rochester, Minnesota, preparing them to become Educational Therapists. The Reading Center also has developed groundbreaking training in classroom implementation of Orton-Gillingham instructional tools for elementary classroom educators that shows dramatic results for students.  More Information


Tutoring/Educational Therapy

Reading Tutoring   Orton-Gillingham Therapy (tutoring) pairs a student with a specially trained Academic Language Therapist for one-on-one intensive sessions designed with each student’s individual needs in mind. The Reading Center employs direct, systematic and multi-sensory instruction connecting phonemic sounds to letters to words.

Math Tutoring  Our tutors specializing in mathematics are familiar with the learning styles and challenges of students with dyslexia and reading disabilities. They can help students comprehend complex problems and improve performance.

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Study Skills

Middle and high school students often find that a lack of organization and study skills hinders their success. The ReadingCenter offers Study Skills Courses throughout the year to teach these skills to struggling students. Educational Therapists who are familiar with the learning styles and challenges of teens with dyslexia or reading disabilities provide direct instruction in the skills needed to study efficiently and effectively.



Reading Readiness/ 4- 6 1/2 years old emergent readers

You can help your child to read become a reader by assuring they have their prereading skills before walking in the school door.  We can perform some researched based assessments to identify your child's their areas of strength and weakness.  For the families that want and/or  need more support to strengthen these necessary skills, we offer Reading Club---a fun, activity filled parent/adult classes to teach the child and the caring adult how to develop the skills.

Summer Programs/Best of Basics

Find out more about our renown summer programs for students, including:

Best of Basics
A month-long, daily summer program for 1st thru 12th grade struggling students.

Reading Readiness
For emerging readers ages 4 through 6 1/2. Learn to be a life-long reader along with a parent or other special adult.

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