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Reading Center Impact

  • 84 students received nationally-normed educational assessments to identify learning issues and 120 students were screened for Reading Center programs.
  • 8,000 sessons of Orton-Gillingham therapy for 180 students were provided to increase their reading ability.
  • 27 adults were trained in the Reading Center’s Basic and Advanced Institutes -- the gold standard of Orton-Gillingham training.
  • 45 elementary teachers in Rochester were trained in our Orton-Gillingham training customized for the classroom. $46,000 in scholarships was provided for training teachers.
  • 93 students enrolled in our intensive Best of Basics Summer Program where they engaged their minds every day for a month, in order to keep their minds sharp over the summer.
  • 21 young learners attended Reading Clubs with their parents to build pre-reading skills.
  • 610 adults attended one of our 19 free outreach educational presentations, increasing the number of parents and teachers who understand the signs and symptoms of dyslexia.
  • $50,000 in scholarships for testing and tutoring were provided to 61 children whose families could not afford the full cost.  33% of our students received a scholarship.



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Why Donate to The Reading Center?

Helping Children & Families
Educational therapy and testing is an investment for families; but for those parents experiencing lay offs or unemployment due to the economic realities today, it is now out of reach.  Rather than turn away children who need our help, it is key to our mission that we help these families with a scholarship.  In 2011, 33% of our students received and needed scholarships, providing $50,000 worth in 2011.

In addition to scholarship, funding is needed to help with early identification and intervention as well as teacher training so that more kids are identified and more educators are trained to help.  Our Best of Basics Summer Program is often a gateway program for unidentified children with dyslexia.  Outreach Education and Reading Readiness also help with early identification. 

With early identification and intervention, a dyslexic child can experience success and feel capable – our students test at a 5.210 NCE level, which is considered by experts to be outstanding.

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The Reading Center is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization.  Your donation to the Reading Center/Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota is a critical investment in the bright futures of our youth.

• 63% of Minnesota’s 4th graders and 64% of Minnesota’s 8th graders are not proficient in reading.

• Students not proficient at reading by the beginning of third grade have only a 25% chance of catching up over their entire public school experience. 

• 75% of unemployed adults have reading or writing difficulties 

• 70% of US prison inmates cannot read above a 4th grade level 


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People from all walks of life have found success by learning to read and developing confidence in themselves. We've guided thousands of students down this path. Hear some inspiring stories from just a few of them:

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