K to 4th grade symptoms that may indicate dyslexia

May be slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds

Has difficulty decoding single words (reading single words in isolation)

Has difficulty spelling phonetically

Makes consistent reading and spelling errors including:

Letter reversals - d for b as in, dog for bog

Word reversals - tip for pit

       Inversions - m and w, u and n

       Transpositions - felt and left

       Substitutions - house and home

May confuse small words - "at" for "to", "said" for "goes".

Relies on guessing and context

May have difficulty learning new vocabulary

May transpose number sequences and confuse arithmetic signs  (+ - x / =)

May have trouble remembering facts

May be slow to learn new skills; relies heavily on memorizing without understanding

May have difficulty planning, and organizing and managing time, materials, and tasks



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