Adult Signs

  • May hide their reading problems; many subterfuges.
  • May spell poorly; relies on others to correct spelling.
  • Avoids writing; may not be able to write.   

  • Relies on memory; may have excellent memory skills. 
  • Often has good "people" skills. 

  • Often is spatially talented; professions include, but are not limited to, engineers, architects, designers, artists, and craftspeople, mathematicians, physicists, physicians (esp. orthopedists, surgeons), and dentists. 

  • In jobs is often working well below their intellectual capacity. 

  • May have difficulty with planning, organizing, and managing time, materials, and tasks. 


Source: Modified from the "Basic Facts about Dyslexia: What Every Layperson Ought to Know"

©Copyright 1993, 2nd edition 1998 - The International Dyslexia Association. Baltimore, MD. 

©2005 The Reading Center/Dyslexia Institute of MN, Basic Orton-Gillingham Reference Manual




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