Parent Resources   Website designed to provide information and support for parents
Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity     Website to provide information about dyslexia and ways to support people with dyslexia of all ages.     Website that provides information about learning disabilities and attention issues.      
 Website that provides information on helping students with disabilities transition to college  Website designed to help children with dyslexia cope with the emotional frustration and life challenges that are often encountered.  Fun and funny.

Parent Sharing Group

This group is for new and experienced parents whose children have dyslexia.  Every parent whose child has been diagnosed with dyslexia goes through a steep learning curve.  But why reinvent the wheel?  Come and learn from other parents with support from a Reading Center staff person.

This group is designed to help parents share information and questions about dyslexia,including raising a child with a learning issue, dealing with a child’s self-esteem issues, schools and teachers.


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