For Parents


What are the Warning Signs?

  Parents are often the first to notice a learning problem.  


Are there difficulties that are unexpected for the individual's age, educational level, or cognitive abilities?

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Some common warning signs are:

*Is usually reading below grade level   *Relies on guessing and context to read

*Has difficulty reading single words in isolation   *May confuse small words--"at" for "to" ; "said" for "goes"

    *May avoid reading aloud
        *May avoid writing


        How Can the RC Help?

             For more than 60 years we have developed methods guided by scientific research to diagnose and respond to dyslexia in children and adults.   

        Testing: We begin with a thorough educational evaluation that documents skills in phonological awareness, reading, spelling, writing, listening, math, and vocabulary.  The testing takes 2-4 hours. For more information, click here.

        Conference: Our evaluator meets with the student's family in an in-depth conference.  We discuss the test results, recommendations, and answer questions.  We can also meet with school officials. For more information, click here.


        Educational Therapy: If needed, the Reading Center has teachers with special training in reading, spelling, writing, math or study skills.  Our teachers can work individually or in small groups with students.  For more information, click here.

        Reevaluation: We retest students annually to measure improvements and adjust the educational therapy. 




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