Reading Center Programs

The Reading Center is a nonprofit educational organization that helps children and individuals with dyslexia how to read, write and spell. Since its founding in 1951, the Reading Center has been providing one-on-one Educational Therapy, testing and evaluation and teaching educators and parents in the methods that succeed with dyslexic students.

Education Therapy

Often called tutoring, Educational Therapy is typically provided one on one with a highly trained Educational Therapist, although small group instruction and online instruction is also offered. Educational Therapy utilizes the Orton-Gillingham approach: a structured, prescriptive, multi-sensory approach that has been recommended by the National Reading Panel and the National Institutes of Health.  Independent studies have shown that our students improve at a level considered “outstanding."


Reading Readiness

The Reading Center offers instruction to pre-school teachers and families on effective methods of teaching pre-school aged children the skills they need to become ready to read. We also offer pre-school Reading Clubs where parents and their children learn fun ways to get ready to learn how to read.


Summer Programs

The Best of Basics Summer Program offers small group instruction for struggling students or students who simply wish to avoid the typical loss of educational ground over the summer. Classes offered include pre-K Reading Readiness, K – High School Reading and Math, Middle and High School Organization and Study Skills and High School SAT/ACT Preparatory courses.


Community Outreach

The Reading Center offers presentations to the community helping parents to recognize the signs and symptoms of dyslexia, as well as the proven methods of helping a dyslexic student. We also offer a variety of workshops on topics of interest to parents and adults with dyslexia. To learn about upcoming free workshops, provide your email address on the sign in form.


Reading Center Impact: Saving a life one lesson at a time

The Reading Center saves lives one lesson at a time.   The following numbers reflect our impact in 2010:

70 Educational Assessments and 123 Evaluations to identify children and adults’ learning issues and put them on the path to getting the assistance they need. 

8,700 lessons taught to 146 students by 49 tutors who developed the reading skills that will make the students successful in school and in life.

51 adults were trained in the Reading Center’s methods that are proven to work with those struggling to read.  These include 20 classroom and specialist teachers from the Rochester School District.

106  enrollments in our intensive Best of Basics Summer Program where children engaged their minds every day for a month, in order to reinforce skills they need for success the following school year.

5 Reading Clubs for Pre-school aged children and their parents taught children and their parents the skills they need to be ready to read.

Over 446 adults attended one of our free outreach educational presentations, increasing the number of parents and teachers who understand the signs and symptoms of dyslexia.

$55,000 in scholarships for testing and tutoring were provided to 39 children whose families could not afford the full cost of Testing or Educational Therapy. 


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